soups, salads + Sides



 Os Caldos /Soups

"Friends and I were blown away when we encountered "Costela Bam-Bam at {Favela Grill}.

 Though the serving was only a single rib—that rib was dinosaur-size. Swinging from the rib's length was a hammock of meat, roasted to deep, caramelized perfection, yet miraculously pink and bloody in the middle. It sliced like a giant roast, and took several of us to finish it.

(The Village Voice)

"Feijoada...the country's national dish... {At Favela} It's worth the wait: The hearty, garlicky black-bean stew is flavored with dried beef, sausage, bacon, pork trimmings and ribs, held together with farofa (cassava flour) and served over rice".

(Time out Magazine)

 Grilled top sirloin “a classic cut” incredibly tender served with farofa (seasoned cassava flour) and vinaigrette sauce.

A classic Brazilian fish stew made with dende oil, green herbs, onions, tomatoes and coconut milk served with pirão (a puree made of pan dripping and cassava flour).

Arroz (Rice)

Feijão (Beans)

Couve (Collard Greens)

Broccoli (Broccoli)

Mixed Vegetables

Queijo à Milanesa

Lightly breaded mozzarella cheese.

Os Extras/Sides

Banana Frita (Fried Banana)

Mandioca Frita (Fried manioc)

Batata Frita (French Fries)

Maionese (Potato salad)

Purê de Batata (Mashed Potato)

 Os  Verdes / Salads

Caldo de Pinto

Brazilian style chicken soup.


Caldo Verde

Brazilian style potato soup with smoked Brazilian sausage and collard green.


Caldo de Feijao

Black bean soup topped with parsley and bacon bits.


Caldo de Mocotó

Brazilian style beef shank soup.

Salada da Vizinha

Romaine lettuce topped with grilled chicken tossed in a Caesar dressing, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and croutons.



Lettuces, tomatoes tossed in olive oil and red wine vinegar.


Favela Chic

Lettuces, tomatoes, hearts of palm, onions and cucumber tossed in olive oil and lemon juice.